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prevents drops! Let's face it, mobile device manufacturers continue to make their products like bars of soap! We here at goStrap think it’s either to ensure a durable revenue stream of repairs and replacement or to support partners in a huge after-market industry. An example is an entire array of protective case makers, charging anywhere from $15 to $30 and up for cases that turn what was designed to be a sleek and streamlined device into a veritable brick of an over-fortified case. And while we freely admit we are part of that after-market industry, we are by comparison, a super affordable alternative to high priced cases. Additionally, goStrap is a great companion to any existing flat-surfaced case comprising any material other than Silicon, which by design, is a non-stick material. goStrap will NOT adhere to Silicon cases.

Hand Reclamation

We see it every day…nobody wants to put their mobile devices away! We carry them everywhere and at all times! And while doing so with the same hand that is trying to juggle drinks, books, luggage, baby strollers, umbrellas, other mobile device, and more!...Which leads to…you guessed it…more drops!

allows you to reclaim the use of your "device hand" so that you can confidently maintain control of your mobile device while multitasking.


goStrap means greater comfort. If you added up all of the time we spend clutching our mobile devices, it would equate to a lot of tension placed on our dactyls...you know, the digits...our poor fingers! goStrap attaches your mobile devices comfortably to your hand, so we allow those fingers to uncurl and relax for a change. This also supports the mind/body philosophy behind goStrap. When the body can relax, the mind will follow! Try it, you'll love it! We guarantee it! If you are not fully satisfied with your goStrap, simply return it to us for a full refund!


We all know liquid and our mobile devices don’t mix well. By happy accident one day, we discovered that because goStrap slightly elevates your device, it not only makes it easier to retrieve from a flat surface, but it also allows liquid spills to stream right underneath your device, thereby reducing your device’s exposure to standing liquid.


Mobile device theft is absolutely on the rise. The would-be thief’s method of operation is to either grab a mobile device from you just outside of a closing train door, or to run past unsuspecting victims and steal the device from their hands. While goStrap certainly can't prevent attempted snatching by thieves, having your device attached to your hand can certainly improve your odds of foiling the crime!

"We are goStrap’s biggest fans! We have probably given out over 50 of them to friends and family because when they see ours they "have to have one". My nephew’s was so popular he ordered them to give out to his customers at his car dealership in Los Angeles.
I'm a decorator and when I'm shopping for a client I have to take a lot of pictures. Having the goStrap right on my fingers, while still leaving my hands free, I am able to take shot after shot without having to find my phone at the bottom of a bag! My husband likes it when he's walking a job site for the same reason. Teenagers like it because that phone can't ever be out of their hands and this keeps them from dropping it. goStrap is a must have convenience in this busy, techy world!”

Rhonda G.
Agoura Hills, CA
I bought a goStrap after seeing an online review. I have a large phone (Samsung Note) and this strap has lasted well over a year on it. I rarely hold my phone without having at least one of my fingers through the strap. Customer for life here!
April N. - Los Alamos, NM
"After seeing GoStrap demonstrated, I approached them to find a solution for our handheld POS system. I needed to find a convenient way for our employees to carry them around, have use of both hands, and be able to access the system quickly. GoStrap was perfect for us! It made our mobile devices so easy to carry and manipulate, and eliminated accidental drops. We have since implemented goStrap in five of our locations throughout the country and with fifty new store openings planned in 2015, we'll be ordering a whole lot more!"

Justin B.- NYC