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Q. What is goStrap?
A. goStrap is a Patented, after-market accessory that affixes to most any hand-held mobile device to augment the user's grip and prevent costly drops.

Q. How does goStrap attach to my mobile device?
A. goStrap attaches to your mobile device by means of a revolutionary adhesive developed by 3M, to form a long-lasting, but cleanly removable bond.

Q. How many fingers should I put through the strap?
A. Your goStrap is fashioned to accommodate up to two fingers, however our tip is to use only your index finger. You'll still get a snug fit and this method will maximize utility by allowing you to flip your device over to the other side of your hand, which can be quite useful if you have to hold your device while carrying something like a beverage.

Q. How do I remove goStrap?
A. To remove, insert a credit card under the corner edge of, or run dental floss behind the goStrap chassis to break the adhesive bond. Once the bond is broken, goStrap's non- permanent adhesive will pull cleanly away from your mobile device. We recommend cleaning the surface of your device before applying a new goStrap.

Q. Is there any surface goStrap won't adhere to?
A. goStrap will not adhere to silicone, which by design is a nonstick surface. Also, the new gorilla glass-back phones are so non-porous that they have been throwing us a curve. We recommend owners of Gorilla-Glass backed phones use goStrap in tandem with your favorite non-silicon comprised cases.

Q. Is my goStrap reusable?
A. No, the adhesive will lose its integrity once its bond is broken. We recommend you just get a new goStrap. They’re long-lasting and very affordable!

Q. Does goStrap come in colors?
A. Yes! goStrap is available in an assortment of colors, which are available exclusively at B&H and Amazon.

Q. If I already use a protective case for my mobile device, can goStrap adhere to it?
A. goStrap is a great companion to virtually any after-market case. goStrap can adhere to most flat-surface cases. goStrap will not adhere to silicone cases.

Q. Why is goStrap a good investment, even if you may already have a case?
A. Cases don’t always protect a screen from cracking or shattering. goStrap prevents drop-related screen damage by keeping your device attached to your hand.

Q. How long will goStrap last?
A. We have constructed goStrap very well! The strap is held securely by and hand-sewn to locking tabs that interconnect with the chassis. Wear varies from user to user but in most cases, goStrap will last a year or more. In some cases, users report having had theirs for over 2 years!